Container Nginx, MySQL configuration file, log should be mounted on the host?

First, the container Nginx, MySQL configuration file, log should be mounted on the host? If you are not mounted to the host, each time you modify the configuration file, you need to save the image; if you mount the host, start the container, you need to copy the configuration file to the host corresponding directory; […]

For stand-alone, how much system overhead is to be added with Docker?

Such as in memory and CPU, to consume more resources? How much does it cost? 2015-01-28 add comment share it Weibo QZONE Micro letter Did not find the relevant results Invited: Content-related links submit 5 replies DockOne – DockOne official account We agreed from: This depends on what you run inside Docker.

32-bit system how to use docker

Here is a good article on their own use and production mirror: … .html 32 ubuntu can install docker, but pull down the mirror must be 32-bit. So I found it down this: Https:// Https:// Is there some other recommendation? My home of the old desktop, 32bit cpu, but does not support virtualization, want […]

See how CoreOS co-founders talk about containers, Rocket, and Docker

Alex Povil is CEO and co-founder of CoreOS. This article is an interview with on Povel. In the interview, Povil talked about their intention to create CoreOS is based on security considerations, in order to make the system more secure, they use the container technology to build CoreOS, so that the operating system and […]

2015 Docker and other subversive trends in IT

The author of this article introduces some disruptive trends in the IT field in 2015, such as how Docker will revolutionize PaaS, IaaS, etc., how Docker will subvert virtualization, private cloud, and configuration management. 2014 is really exciting year, this year, the field of cloud computing there have been some emerging technologies and trends to […]

Docker Ecosystem Series II: Summary of Containers

This article first introduces the history of the Linux container, then introduces the advantages of the container, discusses the advantages of Dockerfile, and finally discusses the architecture of the containerized application. The article describes the second of the Docker ecosystem. The Application migration deployment is a very complicated matter. We are not only for each […]

Docker Compose is now available for download

[Editor's note] On February 26th, Docker announced in its official blog that Docker Compose could already download and install. If you have used Fig, it should be a container to understand Compose, they look like. In fact, Compose is based on Fig development, and is compatible with the application of Fig. According to the official […]

What is the base image? And host operating system has a relationship?

Such as the host system for the Ubuntu, if I docker pull ubuntu , where the pull under the image of what is the content? If i docker pull centOS , then pull under the image of what is the content? And the difference between the above? What are the differences? 2015-02-27 add comment share […]

"Docker Swarm entry" series of translator order

At the DockerCon European Conference in December 2014, Docker officially released a new choreography service, which was made up of three new platforms , Docker Machine, Docker Swarm and Docker Compose. As the launch of the service is not long, the relevant information is relatively small. Matt Bajor, author of this series, is keen on […]

Some ideas about Apache Mesos

[Editor's Note] This article briefly introduces Mesos and Myriad projects that blend Mesos and YARN. The text has a nice metaphor to explain Mesos 'resource handling, and Mesos' resource processing is like parenting a child's birthday party … I am concerned about Apache Mesos for a long time. Apache Mesos started from the research paper […]

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