Safer local Docker network

[Editor's Note] This article is mainly to solve the previous one to explore the local Docker bridge network problems. We can set the icc=false parameter to prevent arbitrary cross-container communication when the Docker starts. Last week I wrote "Explore the local Docker bridging network" . In this article I introduced how to use nmap to […]

On the Development of Modern Cloud Computing from Container and Kubernetes Technology

[Editor's Note] This article is from the Google Cloud Platform Blog and is the opening of a series of blogs that focuses on container technology. In this paper, through the container technology and kubernetes general introduction, describes the advantages of container technology and Google for container technology understanding. Container virtualization based on a single server […]

Use Docker and Golang for easy MongoDB testing

[Editor's Note] One of Docker's use scenarios is testing, and in the test, we sometimes make a test error due to timeout or just because the two development versions use the same database to run at the same time. In this paper, Golang and MongoDB, for example, describes how to use Docker to simplify and […]

From the Docker Hub and docker-registry to see excellent back-end service design

In this paper, we study the architecture of Docker Hub and docker-registry, introduce the storage, management and security architecture design of Docker image on the server side, and give a simple Docker client server interaction process. For the deployment of a large-scale, enterprise-class mirror library need to do a preliminary work to do a preliminary […]

Docker PaaS – Deis Installation (Installing Deis on AWS)

1. Get the source code $ Git clone $ Cd deis 2. Generate SSH key $ Ssh-keygen -q -t rsa -f ~ / .ssh / deis -N '' -C deis 3. Generate a new discovery URL $ Make discovery-url 4. Install the aws client $ Pip install awscli $ Pip install pyyaml 5. Configure […]

Docker PaaS – Deis used

1. Installing Deis Client $ Curl -sSL | sh $ Ln -fs $ PWD / deis / usr / local / bin / deis $ Deis help The Deis command-line client issues API calls to a Deis controller. Usage: deis <command> [<args> …] Auth commands :: Register register a new user with a controller […]

AWS run on Deis, register can not work properly, solve?

I have just on the AWS 5 m3.large on the deployment of the deis. Use deisctl started deis, but the registration of the new user Times as follows error, seeking expert guidance: Core @ ip-10-21-2-136 ~ $ ./deis register Username: deis Password: Password (confirm): Email: Could not connect to the Deis Controller: ('Connection aborted.', […]

A simple Java EE & Docker example

[Editor's Note] The best way to learn Docker is to apply it quickly at work. The author uses Docker to deploy a Java EE application, which is very simple and convenient. It should be noted that, because the author of the local network when there is a problem, so Dockerfile a lot of resources are […]

What is the difference between Apache's Mesos and Google's Kubernetes?

[Editor's Note] This article comes from StackOverFlow on a question, mainly to discuss the difference between Mesos and Kubernetes, I believe many of us have the same question. Kubernetes developer Craig answered the question, and masi also made an overview, not necessarily for the reader's reference. Kubernetes are primarily targeted at container clusters, and Mesos […]

Mesosphere joins Kubernetes to embrace the Google Cloud Platform

[Editor's note] Cluster management services Mesos was first proposed by the University of Berkeley, later introduced into the production environment by Twitter, and as a basis for building a resource management platform. Mesosphere is built on the basis of Mesos, which can support the deployment and management of different distributed services on the same cluster. […]

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