Dockerfile Best Practices (1)

[Editor's Note] This article is the fourth chapter of the Docker introductory tutorial, the advanced chapter of the DockerFile , the author mainly introduces the cache, label, port and CMD and ENTRYPOINT the best usage, and through the case analysis of the precautions, such as we should use commonly used And the beginning of the […]

Dockerfile Best Practices (2)

[Editor's Note] This article is the second part of Docker's introductory tutorial, Chapter 3 – DockerFile . The author mainly describes the Docker changes, commonly used instructions and the basic usage of the basic mirror. Since my last Dockerfile best practice , Docker has changed a lot. The last article will keep on, this article […]

How is the docker run iname with multiple orders?

How is the docker run iname with multiple orders? Such as docker -it iname / bin / bash && echo " test" >> / etc / hosts 2015-01-09 add comment share it Weibo QZONE Micro letter Did not find the relevant results Invited: Content-related links submit 3 replies Lostsnow Agree from: houyy If the CMD […]

Docker Ultimate Guide

[Editor's note] Docker entry good article, before the microblogging there are a lot of people recommend, but also a new article in 2015, DockOne made a translation. Docker is a relatively new and very fast development project that can be used to create very lightweight "virtual machines". Note that the quotation marks here are very […]

Why use Fig to implement Docker automation?

[Editor's Note] This article explains how to use Fig to solve the problem of Docker's multi-parameter start-up container (see here for reference) and some of the things that need to be noticed. The bright spot is that some of the defects and deficiencies of Fig are introduced at the end of the paper. That Fig […]

Looking for those who often publish Docker textbooks, Docker practice one two three people

I have been concerned about the development of Docker, now want to sort out a guide for Docker entry materials, pay attention to very entry Oh, and was original. Docker to learn things is not simple, especially for beginners is not clear, and even some beginners even Docker in the end do not know what […]

Deploy the Mesos cluster through the Docker

[Editor's Note] The Apache Mesos system is a set of resource management scheduling cluster system that can be used to manage the Docker cluster, another way. This article describes how to deploy a single node and multi-node Mesos cluster through the Docker container. The whole process is very simple, Only seven commands can be completed, […]

About developing Spark topics

You heroes good, I am a Spark and Docker lovers, but also a rookie. But I think the next five years, docker Hadoop Spark will become the mainstream, Hadoop since Needless to say, we are very familiar with. But Spark has just entered commercial applications this year, and Docker, like in the crazy research and […]

Explore the local Docker bridge network

【Editor's Note】 This article mainly introduces Docker's basic network knowledge, and the author explores Docker's network knowledge and some of the problems through the small experiment of the container and MongoDB instance connection. I am writing "Docker in Action" (Translator's Note: This sample can be viewed here ) Chapter 5, the contents of the Docker […]

Build the RPM package using Docker mirroring

[Editor's Note] RPM (Red Hat Package Manager) is the most common package manager for Linux distributions. Because it allows the distribution of compiled software, so the user can install the software with only one command. The RPM package is very cumbersome to build, and the requirements of the environment is relatively high, the author describes […]

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