【Deis document】 custom Deis custom store-monitor

Note: This article translated from Deis official documents, without any commercial purposes, reproduced please indicate the source. The following settings are adjustable for the monitor service of the Store component. Dependency Requires : none Required by : store-daemon , store-gateway Considerations : none Store-monitor settings The following etcd key is set by the store-monitor component, […]

[Remote] Docker Distro products, trick Docker, Kernel, Distro, storage engineer

There is no doubt that the future of cloud computing is Docker, we are doing a set of Docker distro, hoping to become Docker esx, in each server on the efficient and stable operation of the container. Background: Has been invested, is currently stealth mode To do a Docker distro, but not the same as […]

Deis official documents summary

Deis is an open source PaaS platform based on Docker and CoreOS designed to make it easy to deploy and manage applications on the server. The current version of Deis 1.0 has been released (the latest version is 1.1), which means that developers can now use the system in the production environment. Of course, Deis […]

Eight Docker real application scenes

[Editor's Note] Flux 7 introduces the commonly used 8 Docker real use scenarios, namely, simplified configuration, code pipeline management, improved development efficiency, isolation applications, integration of servers, debugging capabilities, multi-tenant environment, rapid deployment. We have been talking about Docker, Docker how to use, in what kind of occasions to use? Maybe this article can help […]

Run Docker behind the Nginx reverse proxy

[Editor's Note] Want to have Docker public gateway, can support multi-tenant, and we expect the safety certification and other functions? Look at the author by recompiling Nginx so that it supports WebSockets support Docker own protocol to achieve the same requirements. A few weeks ago, I wanted to try how Docker was running in a […]

In-depth understanding of Docker Volume (a)

[Editor's Note] This article describes the Docker Volume principle and the use of Docker entry is an extension of the tutorial . The author of the data from the sharing, data containers, backup, permissions and delete Volume five in-depth describes the working principle of Volume, from the actual combat to help readers understand the Volume. […]

Kubernetes service, can not be accessed on the master, only visit minions? Through minion access, can only be assigned to the current minion pod?

Kubernetes service, can not be accessed on the master, can only be accessed on minions? Through minion access, can only be assigned to the current minion pod? If so, service does not make any sense ah 2015-01-05 add comment share it Weibo QZONE Micro letter Did not find the relevant results Invited: Content-related links submit […]

In-depth understanding of Docker Volume (b)

[Editor's Note] Following an article in-depth understanding of Docker Volume (a) , DockerOne translated a second article on the deep understanding of Volume. This article focuses on the differences between the two methods that create the Volume mode and the difference between the specified host directory and the non-specified host directory when creating the volume […]

Using Docker or Rocket? Maybe you can come together.

[Editor's note] InfoWorld's experts analyzed the recent Rocket and Docker Wars, which, according to CoreOS founders, Rocket should be the first to return to the Docker, just a simple component, not an ambitious The platform, business and developers also need Rocket and Docker, they should be complementary. But I think Polvi cliches, Rocket progress is […]

Kubernetes network implementation

The official article mentioned: Other networking realization examples With the primary aim of providing IP-per-pod-model, other agreement exist to serve the purpose outside of GCE. OpenVSwitch with GRE / VxLAN Flannel Is there any good program without Google's own GCE and can achieve IP-per-pod-model? Do these two programs have any best practice? 2015-01-07 add comment […]

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