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People to food for the day, food to agriculture-based, agricultural code for the source. Diet culture in China's history of origin, infiltration of our nation for nature, human nature and philosophy of thinking. With the Internet from the tool technology to the business model of the wave of conversion, our ancient civilization ushered in a leap forward development opportunities. In front of this historical opportunity, in addition to drawing on overseas successful experience, we also need to ground the methodology and development concept.


This series of articles author DaoCloud co-founder Chen Qiyan, served as the person in charge of EMC China Research Institute. As China's earliest open source cloud computing evangelists and practitioners, over the past few years has been committed to the advanced Internet technology and accumulated corporate culture through, to help enterprises from the traditional to the Internet business + technology across the two. DaoCloud team is China's first open source container technology team, gathered a group of top industry engineers after tempering, in early 2015 officially launched the world's first one-stop Docker cloud platform public cloud services for enterprise users to provide continuous integration of Internet applications, Mirror build, release management, and container hosting solutions. The subject matter comes from the actual business case in the DaoCloud Incubator and attempts to share the application development and delivery tips of the Internet + with readers in close to the life of the essay.

Xiao Yangsheng fried continuous delivery

I work for the old club CTO department for seven years, in addition to eating sleep code code, the most dry thing is the sermon. To the engineers talk about technology, to the management of the state, to the customer story. But let me very depressed is that in the day of leave to leave me a message, it is "sorry, no longer hear you talk about food." Well, although we are carrying the dream of changing the world embarked on a journey, but always at the intersection of food stalls to stop the pace. This episode, even the introduction of my series of articles.

Every one to eat the goods, are living with a cook.
Every code of agricultural heart, are simmering a dream.

Because out of business, and began to have access to all kinds of entrepreneurs. It is possible that our main business is the relationship between technology and entrepreneurship, we are willing to be more open and we share their development pain points, we always try to give a technical perspective from the other side of the proposal, over time someone to our salon Name "CTO as a Service", "chief technician emergency room", or more regional characteristics of the name: "CTO old girl uncle." Of course, aunt Bai is reading countless, we probably can barely count countless count.

Last week, Sharon's topic called "I should not use outsourcing?", The guests seem to have personal feelings, the discussion is very warm are not plug the mouth. Then I will listen for a while and found that almost half of the guests of the project, the development of technology is outsourced. Fortunately, the conclusion of the day out soon, that is, outsourcing the sea of ​​misery, back to shore. But where the root of the pain is where the guests are not clear. So gave me this "old lady uncle" open the opportunity.

Shanghai is best to eat raw fried package is where? You will say is a small Yang Sheng fried Why is it delicious, delicious where you thought about it? I said, on the beach so many fried stalls, raw fried package recipe and craft no secret at all, where the secret where? I study down the conclusion: in the process. Xiao Yang fried in Wujiang Road that year is not alone this one, and finally he can do it absolutely rules to follow. We usually the raw fried shop, a pot, a little better business two pots for change. Have you seen Xiao Yang a few pots? I have studied it carefully and have three pots. Yes, the secret is in these three pots. Xiao Yang's store is generally 5-10 square meters, the former shop after the factory, the package of aunt general four team. Start the pot at full speed for 15 minutes. Pack finished frying pan master took over the pan fry, 5 minutes after the frying pan master to the pot moved to the second pot on the fire, 10 minutes after the move to the third pot onion chopped sesame seeds ready to pan. 15 minutes on time when the pan. And the process of queuing at the door of the process is always in a state of flow, and day by day again and again. Fried delicious in the pan within a minute or two, hot oil transpiration of the soup in the bite of the dough that moment gushing out. If this time when the mouth, the flavor appears to fall off the cliff, which is Xiao Yang's secret.


Do the mobile Internet just like to open a raw fried shop, shop before the factory, four or five cooks will be able to move out a good show. But the competition is fierce, can copy strong, always face massive users. You as CEO or CTO worth mentioning, you have to have two small brush Yang, plus that three pots. Brush I believe you have, but these three pots may not have.

We are in the best of times and the worst of times, the user becomes more casual, because they choose more. We deal with the customer is no longer a product or brand, but the service. The greatest stickiness to the customer depends on the ability to continually improve your service and let us return to the three pots. IT system is a design and development of the orthogonal system, the design is not an iterative process, software quality is constantly becoming stable. So if the technical component has a pivotal position in your business model, think about how to build your own agile, iterative, and ongoing IT processes. So why today we hear the outsourcing project will fail because he helped you make the first pot of buns and then use the borrowed pot.

The development of modern IT technology, along with the cloud computing this wave, the goal is to run the automation and service to go. Among them, the degree of automation and fragmentation is linear, with the skills of the fragmentation and standardization, in order to bring the management of science and efficiency. It's critical that your organization does not have this condition on IT. So today we discuss the outsourcing company or team is not good, responsible for not responsible is not a key issue, but you have the ability to continue delivery.

Continued delivery of the three pots, with the words of our practitioners, called development, testing, production. You ask this thing who can help me manage, then it said CTO, and that is Xiao Yang's frying pan master. Yes ah, how did you not think frying pan master is not everyone looking for the CTO? Your business is precipitated for the IT program, to be able to quickly stack and deliver between the three pots. Xiao Yang can do 15 minutes iteration a version, an hour is 4 versions, one day is 32 versions. Your Internet company for you, a week that can be a small Yang day you have a very great. If you really need a CTO, he should first help you get these three boilers.

The following classmates anxious, to take me to accompany him to buy a pot. That about the story of cooking utensils, and listen to the next decomposition of "casserole ravioli delivery."

The author of this article is co-founder of DaoCloud Chen Qiyan, who was the head of EMC China Research Institute.

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