New CEO took office, Docker made a choice between open source and business?

Docker was valued at $ 1 billion at the peak of 2015, when the term "Unicorn" was popular and venture capitalists frequently referred to the concept of "FOMO (fear of missing out)".

The software startup was less than $ 5 million in revenue, but that was not important. One of the most fancy of investors is that Docker, as a free set of open source tools, has become a popular trend, developers can easily use Docker to complete the code migration, and test the application before the release.

In the programming team, Docker has become ubiquitous, only in the past two months, IBM, Oracle and Cisco, such as large technology companies have publicly stated to customers to promote the availability of this technology.

But the use of the amount of income is still Docker is facing the biggest problem. This work is now handed over to industry veteran Steve Singh.

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Docker's new CEO, Steve Singh

After three years of selling Cong Technologies to SAP for $ 8 billion, Singh replaced Ben Golub as CEO of Docker to help Docker increase valuations and achieve greater business success.

Singh said in an exclusive interview with that Docker is at the forefront of a fundamental shift across technology. Amazon and Google, such as large companies have opened their data centers, developers no need to worry about server and storage issues. Docker provides a virtual container for code migration, which eliminates the need for expensive and complex software, and in the past, code migration requires a lot of tools and techniques.

"What Docker has done is to make more people able to innovate," Singh said. Until last week, he still managed seven business units on SAP, including Concur and SAP Health. "In the next 10 to 15 years, I foresaw the explosive growth of innovation, it will let us in the past 40 years to see everything dwarfs in this change among the place, even if only to play a small The characters are all exciting. "

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Open source is one of the hottest topics in Silicon Valley today. In addition to Red Hat, other open source companies have experienced decades of failure. Commercialization is a difficult and difficult way this year, the application platform – MuleSoft initial public offering (IPO), and Cloudera will large data analysis platform Hadoop commercialized.

According to Battery Ventures's index released last month, Docker is the fifth most popular open source project in technology, ahead of Hadoop. Docker says it has nearly 10,000 contributors.

For startups like Docker, Singh's job did not go through a regular hiring process – Docker did not have a formal public executive search and recruiting program.

Since November last year, Singh has been an internal member of Docker, not only joined the board, but also served as chairman of the post. As a CEO of a successful start-up company, Golub is under great pressure not only to keep up with the pace of development, but also to build commercial products and sales teams, but also to manage hundreds of new employees, and face with the company's development Meet the challenges of business.

Business expansion and profit growth

When Golub intends to give the CEO to Singh, the board is fully supportive. After leaving the CEO, Golub is still a member of the board and is still one of the major shareholders.

"There is not a lot of people in this world who can have enough ability and passion to get a company from scratch and grow to $ 1 billion in revenue," said Peter Fenton, a board member at Docker, a Benchmark partner at venture capital firm. Steve Singh agrees to be able to meet or exceed the company's expectations, which means Singh has to work hard on business models.

Uber, PayPal, MetLife, and payroll ADP, these large enterprises rely heavily on Docker to securely migrate sensitive data and quickly roll out new applications.

Singh said Docker began selling the Enterprise Edition product early last year and now has about 400 corporate customers.

But Docker faces all the classic challenges that open source companies will face. The biggest challenge, of course, is how to make free users happy, but also as much as possible so that the company has a commercial level of development, there are more patented, can bring real profitability.

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Docker founder and CTO, Solomon Hykes

For Docker, how to strike a balance between open source and business, innovation and stability has always been a tricky thing. Docker has been at the center of various controversies, and its frequent updates often bring surprises to the container ecosystem, but on the other hand the public remains skeptical about container safety.

For example, last year, Docker updated the Swarm service for managing container clusters. And some developers on the open that Swarm and Docker are not ready. They want Docker to focus on "stable" even "boring" container technology, just to run smoothly, do not spend the bells.

Continuation of the spirit of Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook founder), Docker founder and CTO Solomon Hykes the most famous feature, is the action fast, standing on the forefront of technology, innovation and even dare to subvert. But Docker is not Facebook. This is the enterprise software, too many business users are relying on Docker to securely transfer more and more critical mission information.

Singh's mission is to find this balance, to eliminate these contradictions and gaps.

"I'm more focused on the future than on the past," Singh said. "We need to work together to make sure we have a choice."

Just "cooperation" in the container ecosystem is not a simple and simple thing. As a partner at Trinity Ventures, Dan Scholnick, a member of Docker's board of directors, said: "It's a complex and tricky ecosystem, and everyone is in cooperation and competition."

Too many players to join the container ecosystem, both the contribution and competition, and this is to always maintain the leading position of the Docker had to be vigilant, coaching change, probably also out of this level considerations.

Source: Rancher Labs

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