Linode on a Docker container can not access the problem of external network

In Linode played a VM, the system is Ubuntu 14.04. And then played the Docker, the magic thing happened, Docker's container life and death can not access the external network.

Specifically, the container can be accessed externally (from an http container to access); the container can ping the outside and also enable dns parsing (so udp and icmp should be good); the container can access the host's HTTP service. But he is visiting the outside http … …

In the host docker0 caught a package,

And then found that TCP fragments are not normal … …

Now a little melancholy I do not know how the whole … …

There is no firewall. 2015-04-14 add comment share it

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    After the liberalkk – 80 college IT men

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    Opened a ticket to Linode


      Heads up! This alert needs your attention, but it's not super important.