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Known: social publishing for groups and individuals

Blogging, meet social.

Known is a social publishing platform. Publish on your own site, reach your audience across social media.

How to use this image

docker run --link some-mysql:db -d known

Now you can get access to fpm running on port 9000 inside the container. If you want to access it from the Internets, we recommend using a reverse proxy in front. You can find more information on that on the docker-compose section.

The following environment variables are also honored for configuring your Known instance:

  • -e KNOWN_DB_HOST=... (defaults to the IP and port of the linked mysql container)
  • -e KNOWN_DB_USER=... (defaults to "root")
  • -e KNOWN_DB_PASSWORD=... (defaults to the value of the MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD environment variable from the linked mysql container)
  • -e KNOWN_DB_NAME=... (defaults to "known")
  • -e MAIL_HOST=...
  • -e MAIL_PORT=...
  • -e MAIL_SECURE=... ("starttls" for instance)
  • -e MAIL_USER=...
  • -e MAIL_PASS=...

If the KNOWN_DB_NAME specified does not already exist on the given MySQL server, it will be created automatically upon startup of the known container, provided that the KNOWN_DB_USER specified has the necessary permissions to create it.

If you’d like to use an external database instead of a linked mysql container, specify the hostname and port with KNOWN_DB_HOST along with the password in KNOWN_DB_PASSWORD and the username in KNOWN_DB_USER (if it is something other than root):

$ docker run --name some-known -e KNOWN_DB_HOST= \
    -e KNOWN_DB_USER=... -e KNOWN_DB_PASSWORD=... -d known

Via docker-compose

You can use a setup that is used in production at IndieHosters/known.


Once started, you’ll arrive at the configuration wizard. Follow the steps as indicated.


Pull requests are very welcome!

We’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions in the issue tracker:


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