Jenkins configuration jdk and maven, is to install in the container itself?

Dockerhub pull down the jenkins, after the start to configure jdk and maven, need to install their own in the container? 2016-01-27 add comment share it

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    We agreed from:

    Jenkins theory is a CI's scheduling framework, which itself is a master-slave structure. The best practice is to try not to build the master node, that is, jenkins' docker container.
    You can use compose to jenkins deployment alone only jdk & maven docker container to do the construction of the slave node.

    Of course, if you have to worry about trouble, to rewrite the original jenkins master node to build no problem.
    Dockerflle as follows

     FROM jenkins 
    USER root
    RUN curl -fsSL$MAVEN_VERSION/binaries/apache-maven-$MAVEN_VERSION-bin.tar.gz | tar xzf - -C / usr / share \
    && mv / usr / share / apache-maven- $ MAVEN_VERSION / usr / share / maven \
    && ln -s / usr / share / maven / bin / mvn / usr / bin / mvn

    ENV MAVEN_HOME / usr / share / maven
    VOLUME /root/.m2

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