Engine Yard's Deis Platform Launches PaaS Business Support Based on Docker

[Engineers] Engine Yard said in April this year, Deis, said it would provide commercial support, and now, finally came.

Earlier this year, cloud platform service provider Engine Yard acquired Docker 's open source PaaS platform . For the time being, Engine Yard has been known for its support services, and in the future the company will also offer "Buy Deis Support" options to merchants.

Deis is a platform based on Docker and CoreOS designed to provide developers with a privately managed Heroku platform. For non-Docker users, it even provides Heroku buildpacks that provide applications such as Ruby, Python, Node.js, Java, PHP, Perl, and Go. Because Deis is based on Docker, it has a high degree of scalability and portability, users can use Dokerfile and Docker mirror to quickly deploy any application.

At present, Mozilla and Coinbase are Deis users.

The new support services are available in two versions: Standard and Advanced. The Standard Edition provides web and email support during normal business hours, while the Advanced Edition provides 7 * 24 24/7 phone support and guarantees 30 minutes of response time.

In addition, Engine Yard will provide installation support, training and assistance for existing custom platforms.

Deis's founder and Engine Yard's CTO Gabe Monroy said that Deis offered the open source products and the company's business customers were exactly the same. Deis did just launch a new graphical interface for paid services, so that you can start an Deis cluster on AWS with just two clicks of the mouse.

"Docker has changed the way we build, publish, and run applications, but some companies have encountered tough problems in making Docker adapt to the production of workloads, and users and contributors in large communities have witnessed the success of Deis," Monroy said. To help many companies put Docker into production.With Deis PRO – the easiest way to run Deis cluster, it is no longer difficult to manage Docker in distributed system.

Monroy said that the company's advantage is that the product is developed after Docker's launch, which means that from the beginning, Docker is at the heart of its product, compared to the same company that offers PaaS services centered on Docker (such as Cloud Foundry) s position.

English translation: Engine Yard's Deis Launches Commercial Support For Its Docker-Based PaaS (translation: Ma Yuanzheng)

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