Eco-wrapped video cloud, where is the core value?

Net red, star, game, content business, so all kinds of network live at the same time, was posted more and more labels. According to incomplete statistics, the current number of online broadcast platform in China about 200, the number of users has reached 200 million, and is expected to live online market in 2020 or will reach 100 billion.

And on the trend point of view, as the basic carrier of the net red economy, live platform has been from the scene of a single pan direct entertainment to live broadcast. At the same time, ready to go on the video cloud who have also started to use "ecological" to self-packaging to meet the universal live outlet.

What is the potential player who landed in ecology?

As the online broadcast competition is increasingly fierce, most of the platform is still walking in the supervision of the gray area, from the early game broadcast to the hot show live, simple "beautiful economy" can not guarantee the platform sticky, the scene IP to build Platform competition focus. Those who act on traffic, IP and platform capabilities of the video cloud players, to meet the needs of the live platform at the same time, with the associated "ecological" concept also landed.

First, Tencent in the end of 2015 to play a "platform capacity + content sharing + channel traffic" into the ecological model, music is also in April this year, around the life, business, social global cloud ecology. With Netease video cloud, Jinshan cloud, storm and other platforms continue to force, a video cloud-led ecological drama seems to have just begun.

From the current point of view, with the ecological capacity of the video cloud platform is not Tencent and music as. Netease video cloud, for example, in the content resources Netease cloud reading, NetEase news and other content sources as a support, the future in the IP level and broadcast platform cooperation may not be feasible. In the channel traffic, with the media resources and multiple users billions of super APP, Netease traffic in the channel on the direct appeal of the platform is not lost in music and other players. In the ecological model, Tencent put forward the "platform ability" of this argument, it is still the video cloud platform can meet a variety of industries use the scene, with Netease cloud class, BoBo beauty anchor, green fruit camera, NetEase news, test Pull the purchase and game resources NetEase in this area is not at a disadvantage. And on the Jinshan cloud, storm and other players, is also through the form of cooperation to make up for the shortage of ecological resources.

The rise of live video, perhaps just a microcosm of video cloud development, around the new cloud in the video cloud may create new business gold mine. For now, the video live industry is still facing the "Hundred Regiments" knockout, video cloud at this stage the core values ​​are still concentrated in the infrastructure and software services.

From the industry demand, perspective, the core value of the video cloud <br /> <br /> According to the relevant information, cloud computing in recent years to 32% annual growth rate of rapid development, at the same time, the video cloud area is also 80% Increased year by year. From the online video site, to the game live, online education, radio and television new media applications, all walks of life are filled with video cloud figure. And how to solve the video broadcast service technology threshold, low cost, neutrality, high quality, etc. has become a measure of video cloud hard conditions.

As a typical PaaS service, video cloud has a high demand for cloud computing capabilities for service providers. NetEase video cloud in NetEase self-research IaaS service based on the inherent advantages, is the domestic both IaaS and PaaS service video cloud service providers. In addition, NetEase video cloud has more than 500 CDN nodes and more than 10,000 distributed transcoding clusters covering the world. Content distribution is one of the advantages of NetEase video cloud over other video cloud products. Of course, there are some video cloud service providers put forward a free concept, but the overall network business environment, the infrastructure is still a direct broadcast platform with an important factor in voting.

In addition to infrastructure, it is also testing the quality of video cloud services, such as the quality of service reliability, scalability and service security mechanisms. Netease video cloud has been used in BoBo beauty anchor, green fruit camera, NetEase news and other well-known Internet products, in the protection of service quality has a complete solution. From the technical level, NetEase video cloud bit stream adaptive technology can monitor the full-line network conditions in real time, to help users adapt to adjust the direct stream to meet the complex network conditions, high-definition smooth live demand. At the same time, NetEase video cloud also provides support for independent audio, video broadcast, in the live process can be flexible to switch audio and video diversion, to achieve landscaping, mixing function, live authentication and other functions. From the cloud IaaS to PaaS, to a number of personalized solutions tailored for live, and even to multi-platform terminal equipment, the market needs of the video cloud service capabilities put forward higher standards.

Mobile live industry competition is becoming increasingly intense, the industry bubble after the precipitation will appear a painful reshuffle, ecology wrapped around the video cloud is not the case, the tide will eventually be the service ability of the competition.

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