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... Dockerfile docker/ ... 

The main thing is that 2 documents

Docker build

 docker build -t apps/apps . 

After the implementation of a mistake

 Step 8 : RUN docker/ ---> Running in 019abf9e5ec8 /bin/sh: docker/ not found The command '/bin/sh -c docker/' returned a non-zero code: 127 

Dockerfile part of the content

 COPY . /app/apps/ WORKDIR /app/apps/ RUN ./docker/ 

Obviously the current project under this document, why not find it prompted.

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     COPY . /app/apps/ WORKDIR /app/apps/ RUN /docker/ 

    Your operation is logically wrong and you do not have to figure out the container concept inside the container and the host. I suggest you the last step to implement sleep 1000, and then open a terminal alone into the container to see your COPY this step is really the host directory to add the container.

    Heads up! This alert needs your attention, but it's not super important.