Docker toolbox how to use the domestic registry?

The docker is really slow to use. See the spirits of the domestic mirror can be accelerated. But only gives the use of boot2docker.

boot2docker ssh sudo "sh -c \"echo EXTRA_ARGS=\'--registry-mirror=\' >> /var/lib/boot2docker/profile\"" boot2docker restart 

Docker toolbox how to use?

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Daocloud accelerator supports toolbox

Run the installation command (Docker ToolBox can use docker-machine ssh default to enter the terminal, boot2docker can use boot2docker ssh)
Curl -sSL | sh -s 5aeb045389849b3771265c76b64a829966622f30

The specific registration of an account with the know

docker-machine create -h

Can be found inside a parameter --engine-registry-mirror [--engine-registry-mirror option --engine-registry-mirror option] Specify registry mirrors to use

When you docker-machine create time to specify this parameter should be able to

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