Docker remove the defined Volumes in the images

Docker's image has been defined in a series of volume directory.
Because several directory locations are not reasonable, you need to delete the volume to re-create.
But do not know how to delete the volume and submit to the mirror.

Volume is created by: docker run -v / xxx [image] / bin / bash

Due to lack of experience, there is no reservation Dockerfile and the corresponding tag, can only be modified within the current mirror … …

One Solution collect form web for “Docker remove the defined Volumes in the images”

First, whether the mirror is yours,
If so, modify Dockerfile to delete unwanted data volumes and then rebuild the mirror.
If not, make a mirror of the people here to set the data volume must have his intention, why do you want to delete his set of data volumes, if you do not want to use their own to create a new to use on the line.

If the data is created by the docker run -v, delete the container and re-create it without the data volume.

Heads up! This alert needs your attention, but it's not super important.