Docker executives first visit China, CFO Eric Bardin Secret China strategy


Since the official release of Docker recruitment business in China, the information, the domestic Docker circle has been uproar, the sound constantly. The Docker CFO visit to China, for everyone to provide a direct dialogue opportunities.

As Dicker's community partner, DaoCloud is honored to help organize the meetup. At the same time, we also thank our longtime friends, VMware's strong participation.

On the afternoon of May 27th, Docker CFO Eric Bardin will lead the engineer Justin Weissig and Katya , who is responsible for Asia Pacific community affairs, to meet face-to-face with domestic Docker enthusiasts.

Time: May 27 (next Wednesday) 1:30 pm

Venue: 17th Floor, South Building, Block C, Financial Information Center

Event Registration: Docker Beijing Meetup


Docker strategy and new technology introduction

  • Eric Bardin: CFO at Docker
  • Justin Weissig : Technical Alliances at Docker

Docker Hub and containerized software delivery practice

  • Yu Yong: DaoCloud co-founder

How to contribute code for Docker open source projects

  • Shuo De: Docker Commiter, Digital Technology CTO

VMware open source products Lightwave and Photon support for Docker (VMware)

  • Henry Zhang: Senior architect

About Lecturer:

Justin Weissig

Prior to joining Docker, Justin worked for some high-growth start-ups, two federal agencies and a nonprofit organization. Justin's extensive experience comes from his work for the Canadian National Research Council, who has been responsible for maintaining a large number of aerial photographs from land and space radio telescopes. In his spare time, he also maintained an educational video site for the system administrator: .

Managing Container Resources with Control Groups

In this talk, we will find resources of energy consumption inside Dockers containers, through the use of Control Groups. Control Groups, also known as Cgroups, allow you to easily set container resource limits, for things like CPU, Memory, and Disk bandwidth , Along with using detailed resource consumption metrics.

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