Docker Container Technology · February issue: 2016 will be Docker's annual results in corporate customers

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Happy time is always flies, a blink of an eye and school. I believe that after the rest of the Spring Festival these days, all students will be full of enthusiasm, a new attitude into the new semester of the battle, sincerely say "start big, everything goes!"

We enthusiastically rushing to red envelopes, eating hot pot, enjoy the extended version of the "news network" when a group of unknown foreign silk after several months of hard work, with practical action to the global container lovers sealed a large bag, which is Docker version 1.10 release. DockOne community for the first time on the Docker 1.10 more than 100 updates and improvements made a translation, making the Chinese Docker fans in the new year to enjoy a unique technical feast. In this new version, I am most concerned about is focused on the container security enhance the "user namespacing", "seccomp profiles" and other functions. This will help to further eliminate the customer customers on the application of Docker's security concerns, making Docker technology to better serve the enterprise market.

Docker since 1.0 version has been maintained at about 2-3 months time interval release large version, which reminds me of N years ago, where a software giant company, to discuss a demand, to finalize a design program almost half a year also Passed by. In this past N years, corporate IT has also undergone many changes – "to IOE" has become a popular trend, a large number of applications of open source technology is no longer a question, the technical iteration speed faster than before … … These are also in the "building an innovative country", "comprehensive Internet" big policy, the trend of enterprise IT made the inevitable choice. Enterprises now need is no longer a construction period of one or two years of large platform, large system, "simple and reliable, to adapt to changes in demand, to solve practical problems" has become a new standard for many enterprise selection. From this perspective, Docker technology itself and Docker's current rapid development is in line with the needs of corporate customers.

A few months ago, I had the privilege to visit a number of corporate customers, and insurance, banking, telecommunications, manufacturing and other friends exchange container applications. Let me feel the most is the information technology sector in all walks of life have been Docker have a certain understanding of the need to answer is precisely how to Docker technology in their business to use, to solve the practical problem of this core proposition. This is as Rancher Labs founder Dr. Liang Sheng foreseen: only to solve the Docker landing problem, in order to allow business customers to enjoy the value of this new productivity.

With the growing development of Docker technology, its peripheral system is also increasingly rich. Take management platform, there are Rancher, Mesos, kubernetes and so on. As the end user to face these new technologies and products, in the selection is very easy to feel confused, it is difficult to make a decision at their own pace to meet their own needs. At home and abroad there must be a large number of technical and service provider team, whether it is packaging their own products or to respond to their own customer confusion, is also facing the same question. Here I do not want to sell their own products, but as a related product and program providers, from a neutral point of view, it is recommended that you personally try to get started, feel the various projects or products, functional integrity, ease of use, Stability, hair speed, the development of ideas, especially Vision, is in line with your needs. Or that sentence: "Do not look at advertising, see the effect."

Just two or three years, container technology has been popular in the global IT industry, and makes us a new understanding of cloud computing and new options. I foresee that 2016 will be a year when enterprise customers use container technology outbreaks. Whether you are in the enterprise responsible for the construction of information, or as I as the relevant technology and service providers, or ordinary technical fans, 2016 will be an exciting year. Rapid development of technology Today, as an individual can not rely on a power to get through all the hurdles, we only play an open source of the spirit of sharing, everyone can grow faster, the whole technology can develop better. Fortunately, there is a communication platform like DockOne community, you and I are not alone.

Rancher China Technical Manager Ma Hongxi

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