【Deis document】 custom Deis customization registry

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The following settings are adjustable for the Registry component.


Requires : cache , store-gateway
Required by : builder , controller
Considerations : none

Registry settings

The following etcd key is set by the registry component, usually in its /bin/boot script.
/ Deis / registry / bucketName : store component for the registry mirror layer bucket (default: registry)
/ Deis / registry / host : The IP address of the registry host is running
/ Deis / registry / port : port of the registry service (default: 5000)
/ Deis / registry / protocol : registry used by the protocol (default: http)
/ Deis / registry / secretKey : password used (default: randomly generated)

The following etcd key is used by the registry component.
/ Deis / cache / host : cache component host (set by cache)
/ Deis / cache / port : cache component port (set by cache)
/ Deis / store / gateway / accessKey : the S3 API used to access the store-gateway (set by the store-gateway)
/ Deis / store / gateway / host : store-gateway component host (set by store-gateway)
/ Deis / store / gateway / port : store-gateway component port (set by store-gateway)
/ Deis / store / gateway / secretKey : the S3 API key used to access the store-gateway (set by the store-gateway)

The Deis registry is inherited from the Docker registry container, so you can use additional configuration items. For a complete description of these settings, see the README of the Docker registry.

Use a custom registry mirror

You can use a custom registry component Dokcer mirror instead of Deis provided by the mirror:
$ deisctl config registry set image=myaccount/myimage:latest
This will pull the mirror from the public Docker registry. You can also pull from a private tab:
$ deisctl config registry set image=registry.mydomain.org:5000/myaccount/myimage:latest
Make sure your custom mirror function is the same as Deis's own stock registry image . Specifically, it is sure to set it and read the appropriate etcd key.

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