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What is Convertigo Mobility Platform ?

Convertigo Community edition is an open source MBaaS (Mobile Back end as a Service) combined with a MADP (Mobile application development platform). The platform is used to build complex Cross-platform Enterprise Mobile apps in a few days. Convertigo platform is composed of several components:

  1. Convertigo: The back-end MBaaS server part. Runs as a Docker container with convertigo image
  2. Convertigo Web Connector: An optional HTML web Connector server able to connect to any HTML based legacy app. Runs as a Docker container with a web-connector tag
  3. Convertigo Studio: Runs on a Windows or a MacOS workstation, Eclipse based IDE, used to program MBaaS workflows and to build Mobile apps UIs. Can be directly downloaded from
  4. Convertigo SDKs: Can be used with third party Mobile development tools such as Xcode (iOS) Android Studio (Android) and Visual Studio (Windows Mobile, Windows UWP and Xamarin). SDKS are available on each platform standard repository (Bintray for Android, Cocoapods for iOS and Nuget for .NET)

Convertigo Community edition brought to you by Convertigo SA (Paris & San Francisco). The platform is currently used by more than 100K developers worldwide, building enterprise class mobile apps.

How to use this image

Quick start

$ docker run --name C8O -d -p 28080:28080 convertigo

This will start a container running the minimum Convertigo MBaaS server. Convertigo MBaaS uses images’ /workspace directory to store configuration file and deployed projects as an Docker volume.

You can access the Server admin console on http://[dockerhost]:28080/convertigo and login using the default credentials: admin / admin

Link Convertigo to a CouchDB database for FullSync (Convertigo EE only)

Convertigo MBaaS FullSync module uses Apache CouchDB 1.6.1 as NoSQL repository. You can use the couchdb docker image and link to it convertigo this way

Launch CouchDB container and name it ‘fullsync’

$ docker run -d --name fullsync couchdb:1.6.1

Then launch Convertigo and link it to the running ‘fullsync’ container. Convertigo MBaaS sever will automatically use it as its fullsync repository.

$ docker run -d --name C8O-MBAAS --link fullsync:couchdb -p 28080:28080 convertigo

Link Convertigo to a Billing & Analytics database


MySQL is the recommended database for holding Convertigo MBaaS server analytics. You can use this command to run convertigo and link it to a running MySQL container. Change [mysql-container] to the container name, and [username for the c8oAnalytics db], [password for specified db user] with the values for your MySQL configuration.

$ docker run -d --name C8O-MBAAS --link [mysql-container]:mysql -p 28080:28080                         \
    -e JAVA_OPTS="-Dconvertigo.engine.billing.enabled=true                                           \ 
            -Dconvertigo.engine.billing.persistence.jdbc.username=[username for the c8oAnalytics db] \
            -Dconvertigo.engine.billing.persistence.jdbc.password=[password for specified db user]   \
            -Dconvertigo.engine.billing.persistence.jdbc.url=jdbc:mysql://mysql:3306/c8oAnalytics"   \

Where is Convertigo MBaaS server storing deployed projects

Projects are deployed in the Convertigo workspace, a simple file system directory. You can map the docker container /workspace to your physical system by using :

$ docker run --name C8O-MBAAS -v $(pwd):/workspace -d -p 28080:28080 convertigo

You can share the same workspace by all Convertigo containers. This this case, when you deploy a project on a Convertigo container, it will be seen by others. This is the best way to build multi-instance load balanced Convertigo server farms.

Migrate from an earlier version of Convertigo

  • Stop the container to perform a backup. And just back the workspace directory. This will backup all the projects definitions and some project data.
  • Start a new Convertigo MBaaS docker container mapping the workspace
  • All the workspace (Projects) will be automatically migrated to the new Convertigo MBaaS version


The default administration account of a Convertigo serveur is admin / admin and the testplatform is anonymous.

These accounts can be configured through the administration console and saved in the workspace.


You can change the default administration account :

$ docker run -d --name C8O-MBAAS -e CONVERTIGO_ADMIN_USER=administrator -e CONVERTIGO_ADMIN_PASSWORD=s3cret -p 28080:28080 convertigo


You can lock the testplatform by setting the account :

$ docker run -d --name C8O-MBAAS -e CONVERTIGO_TESTPLATFORM_USER=tp_user -e CONVERTIGO_TESTPLATFORM_PASSWORD=s3cret -p 28080:28080 convertigo

JAVA_OPTS Environment variable

Convertigo is based on a Java process with some defaults JVM options. You can override our defaults JVM options with you own.

Add any Java JVM options such as -Xmx or -D[something]

$ docker run -d --name C8O-MBAAS -e JAVA_OPTS="-Xmx4096m -DjvmRoute=server1" -p 28080:28080 convertigo

Pre configurated Docker compose stack

You can use this stack to run a complete Convertigo MBaaS server with FullSync repository and MySQL analytics in a few command lines.

mkdir c8oMBaaS
cd c8oMBaaS
docker-compose up -d


Convertigo Community Edition MBaaS image is licenced under AGPL 3.0

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