Consul key to question

I built a three server node consul cluster, start the configuration as follows:
Consul agent -server -bootstrap-expect = 3 -bind = ip -client = ip -config-dir =. / Config-dir \
-log-level = info -data-dir =. / Data-dir -node = node-0 -dc = dc -ui-dir =. / Dist

Consul agent -server -bootstrap-expect = 3 -bind = ip -config-dir =. / Config-dir \
-log-level = info -data-dir =. / Data-dir -node = node-1 -dc = dc

Consul agent -server -bootstrap-expect = 3 -bind = ip -config-dir =. / Config-dir \
-log-level = info -data-dir =. / Data-dir -node = node-2 -dc = dc

At the same time I started the consul ui, I created a pair of keys on the ui, to create a successful, but I use the consul http api query and found that the value of the key value is garbled, I use curl to create key value after the curl Query is also garbled, but ui show no problem, I do not know what the reason is encrypted or garbled, I would like to ask who encountered this problem? 2015-11-16 add comment share it

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    We agreed from:

    The first feeling is that the problem is the Chinese distortion of the characters or all the characters are chaos?

    Curl request can try to join the utf8 header

    Do not know if it is feasible

    Heads up! This alert needs your attention, but it's not super important.