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The famous "The Phoenix Project" book, the author of the favorite part is in this fictional company, when DevOps hero, IT operations department vice president Bill Palmer flash of light that moment, he realized that IT for business Significance.

The CFO from the company at that moment listed Bill how he worked to keep the department's goals consistent with the company's overall business goals. Bill realized that he had to take similar measures. In the end, he turned to focus on the delivery process data, thereby improving the efficiency of IT, leaving his team free of outsourcing – the Devops team was born.

There may not be such an extreme and terrible example of reality, but many IT teams have transitioned to DevOps without taking the next step: using DevOps to intelligently implement data-driven decisions to help them improve software delivery.

What is DevOps intelligent?

DevOps is intelligent to provide information and insight to the company, making it more efficient to deliver software, less risky, and more efficient. As the complexity of application development continues to increase, the adoption of DevOps intelligence becomes critical. The following is the 2017 DevOps intelligent leap in the first seven advantages:

Faster release cycle

End-to-end intelligence in the delivery process can help us optimize the process and speed up the release cycle. DevOps intelligence provides real-time, operational information that can identify waste of resources, such as Pipeline's bottlenecks. At the same time, you can quickly find out the new changes in system execution, monitor the success rate of the deployment, observe the iteration time of each team, identify which processes are working properly, and what is the negative impact on delivery time.

Higher software quality

DevOps intelligence makes the iterative development of the foundation – the feedback loop is established. The feedback loop encourages creativity and is valuable for trying new features or modifying interfaces to ensure that more customers expect to build features. The feedback loop can be an integral part of the software development and delivery process.

Enhance the commercial value of the software

DevOps intelligent allows you to quickly get a lot of actionable information, such as what characteristics customers use, to give up what process, or whether to change the operating behavior. DevOps intelligence can also tap information after the release to support a variety of analysis, so you can find the content delivered to customers is valuable, so as to make more informed decisions about future products.

Higher transparency

Provides insight into the entire Pipeline with end-to-end transparency. A clear, real-time, visible process makes it easier for you to understand why you can (or can) achieve your goals to determine additional time and resource requests and prepare them accordingly, rather than by the calendar date. Transparency also means that non-IT staff can easily track any given process and make business decisions based on real-time data without IT training.

Forward-looking management of the delivery process

DevOps is intelligent for us to understand real-time and historical information such as applications, people's environment, and so on. Real-time insight has a lot of advantages, such as providing early warning, anticipating failure and preventing it, rather than wasting time after it occurs; and historical data can analyze trends and predictions based on past results.

Better support for compliance requirements

The data of the collection process not only shows how to optimize these processes, but also shows what is happening in an auditable change. Did the process follow? Who is at what time? What hang up? What measures have been taken? Is this correct? DevOps intelligence helps you master compliance requirements and solve problems.

Stronger DevOps culture

The intelligence of the delivery process helps to enhance the DevOps culture, which strives to improve processes and products by empowering people inside and outside IT to influence change. DevOps Intelligence provides insight into achievement and glimpse, as an important role in helping companies make effective decisions and enhance their ability to share data with people.

As companies improve their DevOps maturity and achieve release, the company's infrastructure needs to automatically capture and analyze DevOps data and translate it into operational information. With DevOps, IT departments will be able to support the company's business goals.

Author: Lisa Wells

Devops Intelligence Changes the Game
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