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How the host simply and efficiently accesses docker 1.9 comes with all the containers in the overlay network (including other hosts)

最近在尝试docker1.9后自带network功能,在该功能中容器内部访问外网使用的是自动创建的docker_gwbridge桥,那么docker 宿主机如何访问overlay网络内部呢(比如其他宿主机上同时加入该overlay网络的容器)? 1.尝试把到overlay路由指到docker_gwbridge,但是无法访问其他宿主机上加入到这个overlay的容器,因为没有回程路由,给每台启动的容器加回程路由也是很不现实的。 2.宿主机上,容器内都开反向代理。 3.容器内开启iptables,做nat。 4.传统模式给容器做nat映射宿主机端口。 5.如果能指定overlay中的某个容器为整个overlay的默认路由的话,一切都好办了,奈何目前到1.10.2,gateway都会被自动指到某个网桥上,只能每台容器去修改,但是给每台容器赋予这么高的权限,个人是不愿意的。 以上方案都有各种缺陷,与不便之处,不知道诸位有没有更简单高效的解决方案呢?

Docker under the installation of nodejs submitted after the operation but why not find

Run a container, install nodejs root@d5f6a138a4da:/opt/nodejs# wget -qO- | sh => Downloading nvm as script to '/root/.nvm' => Appending source string to /root/.profile => Close and reopen your terminal to start using nvm root@d5f6a138a4da:/opt/nodejs# source /root/.profile root@d5f6a138a4da:/opt/nodejs# nvm install 0.10 –2015-10-18 16:09:53– Resolving (…,, 2400:cb00:2048:1::6814:162e, … Connecting to (||:443… […]

Where is the docker image file?

Docker pull after the corresponding image file where I use ubuntu, and then mirror can see Dockerfile document? I am now imitating writing Dockerfile

In a host docker running a number of different site containers, how to 80 and 443 port traffic correctly forwarded to the corresponding container?

Help. The There dalao wrote the tutorial, then the article link posted also line. The Baidu has a coma in a circle. The

The changes in the docker can not be saved

by docker run -it debian bash Into the interactive image, the results of each change is not automatically saved. I remember that there is this function ah. The Even if not commit, into the time, made the changes should also be saved ah. The Debian 8 Docker 1.10

Use docker to run node need to use pm2?

Use docer should try to follow one process per container But how did the node hang? I try to use Pm2 in the container, but the container is over, and the docker container needs to be sure to have at least one process, and if it does not quit, why do not I use pm2? […]

How does a running Docker container modify the environment variables when executing the run command

How does a running Docker container modify the environment variables when executing the run command

The host can not access the docker's container (nginx)

Normal start container [root@iZ287mq5dooZ data]# docker run –name nginx11 -p 80:80 -d -v /www:/www -v /data:/data –link php7:php7 -it centos/nginx:v1.11.5 9078f7a9a3550f39127ec07e734d0179453d6d1da60a141f71a14bc352bb8f5d [root@iZ287mq5dooZ data]# docker ps CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS NAMES 9078f7a9a355 centos/nginx:v1.11.5 "/usr/local/nginx/sbi" 6 minutes ago Up 6 minutes>80/tcp, 443/tcp nginx11 e15ebb8a53b2 centos/php:v7.0.12 "/usr/local/php/sbin/" 2 hours ago Up 2 hours>9000/tcp […]

Centos7: kernel: unregister_netdevice:

Login with ssh centos host, after a while will automatically appear the following information: [root@i1234567890 ~]# Message from syslogd@i1234567890 at Mar 23 22:45:52 … kernel:unregister_netdevice: waiting for lo to become free. Usage count = 1 In this message, I can press ctrl + c to return to the [root@i1234567890 ~]# prompt. Would like to ask […]

Windows-docker how to modify the docker0 bridge network segment

Use docker-toolbox to build docker environment on windows Docker0 bridge acquiescence is and LAN is not a network of how to amend the ip? Read a lot of people are said through a series of brctl order changes, but there is no boot2docker this order, try to install also failed

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