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Docker detach shortcut keys can be modified?

Ctrl P, Ctrl Q and other hot keys conflict ah: How do I change the docker's hotkey?

What is the docker resource recommended?

Books, video can be, the best case of resources, the best a little depth.

A server directly or split into vps do cluster better?

A configuration can also be a server, a variety of reasons first loaded with the windows system, a video site (lamp) has been running in the above more than 1 year, the current user rarely no pressure. There are ideas into Linux, or divided into vps to do the cluster or the main equipment, no […]

Pointing to the compose file is correct, the container name did not take effect

version: '2' services: nginx: image: container_name: i-proxy ports: – 5443:443 links: – registry:registry volumes: – ./auth:/etc/nginx/conf.d command: – [service, nginx, start] registry: image: registry:2 container_name: i-registry ports: – volumes: – $PWD./idata:/var/lib/registry

Docker can not access the container through the host ip mysql

Figure Here should be set to the container 3306 mapped to the host on the 3366, but I can only through to connect the container within the mysql service I host the real ip is But I through the but not connected, ask the gods pointing

The command command in the docker-compose.yml file

In the documentation, command is a command that overrides the default execution of the container. Http:// command: bundle exec thin -p 3000 So, where does the container execute the command by default? Can Docker Hub official nginx mirror as an example to say: Https://

The Docekr container running on CentOS failed

Docker run ubuntu echo 'hello world' FATA [0000] Error response from daemon: Can not start container eb003f7a69d1d5add4d0d5958964fc721e1e4d462878883be286006fa97539f7: mkdir / sys / fs / cpuset: no such file or directory Uname -a VM centos 6.6 Linux james 3.10.5-3.el6.x86_64 # 1 SMP Tue Aug 20 14:10:49 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU / Linux

Have a few questions to help me answer the next

Docker i installed ok also run it all right! I installed a mongodb Now the question comes: 1. I need to modify the container in the mongodb configuration file he is in data / configdb How do i modify this file, vi order container is not! (Note that this configuration I would like to long-term […]

Docker: Find some examples of docker-compose.yml files

Docker deployment of a Lnmp environment, to write a nginx + mariadb + php + redis docker-compose.yml, looked at the official documents, to a format, like the following: Link here: version: '2' services: web: build: . ports: – "5000:5000" volumes: – .:/code networks: – front-tier – back-tier redis: image: redis volumes: – redis-data:/var/lib/redis networks: […]

How to deploy jenkins in the docker

I first use the command to pull the mirror docker pull jenkins Then run mkdir /var/jenkins_home docker run -d –name myjenkins -p 49001:8080 -v /var/jenkins_home:/var/jenkins_home jenkins Then I use the command to view the time to open docker ps -a The result is The status value shown is exite (1). what is the reason?

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