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Docker only suitable for server development, not suitable for GUI development?

Want to do in the docker engage in the development of God horse, huh, huh

How to install Discourse in a Docker container

Cannot connect to the docker daemon – verify it is running and you have access The above is an error message More installation of this url The information panel is as follows root@tuucai:/var/discourse# sudo docker -v Docker version 1.8.1, build d12ea79 root@tuucai:/var/discourse# service status stop/waiting root@tuucai:/var/discourse# service start start/running, process 13742 […]

Get the exit time of a container

How do I get a container exit time? Docker version 1.10 adds this parameter: docker ps -a –format "{{.CreatedAt}}" , I am now able to get accurate creation time.

Dockerfile what IDE to use more comfortable to edit?

Sublime inside open is like this – black and white world ah. The The Is there any way to compile it and look more comfortable?

Docker volume specify a single file, the host to modify the contents of the file, into the container file content has not changed

This is the docker deliberately designed? Why do I think it should be like a shared folder that side of the host side after the change in the contents of the container should also be changed ah? Am I thinking wrong? If the container is the same? What is the design intention?

How to do a squid docker mirror?

Claim: 1, the detailed process of making the mirror 2, transparent proxy http, https 3, so that the LAN machine through the Internet can access https: // URL (client configuration process)

Win7 run docker command error connection reset by peer

Please God old driver lead the way; in their own win7 small loading and unloading three or four times, before the good, the time to run the run docker login , docker pull , docker run… error, and have connection reset by peer words but. The The In the root directory can be

Docker container and mac host the same network segment problem

I want the docker container to be on the same network segment as my mac host, so I used the following command: $ docker network create -d macvlan –subnet= –gateway= -o parent=en0 mynet But suggested that -o parent = en0 is not correct, so I ignored this parameter, although the network was created successfully, but […]

Kubernetes create pod to reach a certain number, has been pending, but i have set up – max-pod

1. The current environment is docker 1.9.1 kubernets1.2.0 2. use rc to create 500 pod, only successfully created 249, and then the other has been pending 3. The configuration of the kubelet has been modified to add –max-pod = 512

On the server architecture

We have a lot of servers, there are a lot of teams, what architecture program allows the team to submit their jobs on the page, job most of the job may be Python. When the team is submitted to the job, you can choose how much resources (such as how much memory, how much CPU, […]

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