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AWS wall, boot2docker.iso unable to download, may have other addresses can be downloaded?

AWS wall, boot2docker.iso unable to download, may have other addresses can be downloaded?

Dockerfile specified in the implementation of orders with ENTRYPOING and CMD What is the difference?

Such as the title, I generally use CMD to specify, such as: FROM thelanddownunder MAINTAINER ProgrammingLife CMD ["apt-get install htop"] But to see some of the Dockerfile also used ENTRYPOINT specified, is the above CMD replaced by ENTRYPOINT, the back seems to specify some of the order: FROM thelanddownunder MAINTAINER ProgrammingLife ENTRYPOINT ["apt-get install htop"] […]

How do I use Docker to build a sandbox?

Recently need a sandbox, which will run the user's command, the program. Recently beginner Docker, so want to use Docker to achieve. But read some of the information, or did not understand how to Docker container memory, CPU, disk, etc. to limit. Yesterday tried the docker run add -m parameters to limit the memory, be […]

Docker commit can not save changes

Use dockerfile to build the mirror, ssh login to modify the tomcat file configuration, close the container after using the docker commit save changes, restart the container and found that the modified file is not saved, which is why?

Dockercon2014 on the ebay mentioned docker in docer

Why can we reduce dependency here?

Docker uses some of the problems with maxexcloo / nginx-php

I introduced the following two commands as described by maxexcloo docker run –name="nginx-php-data" maxexcloo/data docker run –name="nginx-php" -it –volumes-from="nginx-php-data" -e, maxexcloo/nginx-php But still can not access the server. I would like to ask 1. Is the first command to create a data contatiner? But a data container should not be mapped to a local […]

Kitematic can not start

Https:// Kitematic after the start prompt: Starting the Kitematic VM [object Object]

Docker modify port 80

Because the server's 80 port has been running the web service, and docker operation requires 80 ports so in the docker start app root@iZ25pamnfsuZ:/var/discourse# ./launcher start app starting up existing container + /usr/bin/docker start app Error response from daemon: Cannot start container app: Error starting userland proxy: listen tcp bind: address already in use […]

Job for docker.service failed when starting Docker

I installed Docker on RHEL7 The tutorial uses The kernel version is as follows (Because yum need to register before so I changed the source of centum7 yum) But when the docker will be given an error Some users say yum install device-mapper-event-libs After the installation or reported the same mistake May I ask […]

Dockerfile generated when the mirror is how to cache?

For example, I installed a thing takes two hours, but after the construction of a successful build him soon, that it cached, and now my doubts is that if I changed a little something, how to ensure that he does not need to re-consumption When two hours.

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