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How docker supports both static and dynamic content

Http:// Both sides asked, to see which side with docker more people I have a simple python / flask app that is deployed on the container when this is the case: /var/www/app/ appl/ static/ … Before using the docker, I used nginx to point directly to the static file: location /static { alias […]

How to allocate a fixed disk, network bandwidth for a Container on a Docker

Suppose I started 10 containers, I hope that each container only use 10G hard drive and 1Mb network bandwidth, personally feel that docker does not seem to be directly supported, need to bypass the docker directly with the cgroup to meet the requirements, ask who has experience?

A container below can map multiple ports to the Host

Docker under a container in the following can map multiple ports to the Host

How to use Docker to build a CI system

Jekins used to do the server before the CI, but the installation configuration is too much trouble, and can use Docker CI build services, what is the open source solution?

Docker port forwarding failed

Ran a mysql container on Centos 6.5 docker run -p 3306:3306 –name mysql -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=xxxx -d mysql:5.7 The first ten minutes can be normal operation, the back can not be accessed from the outside, and only restart the iptables can service iptables restart What solution?

Ubuntu running docker problem

Recently played docker. Follow the [1] method after installing the docker. Run docker command: such as docker search ubuntu will produce the following error: 2014/06/30 20:56:26 dial unix /var/run/docker.sock: no such file or directory Where is wrong? Http://

How to use the docker command to download the mirror, used it?

How to use the docker command to download the mirror, used it? Thank you!

Docker private warehouse synchronization problem

Assuming there are two private warehouses A and B, A often change, B to be synchronized with A, the current can think of is 1). Direct rsync synchronization A warehouse where the folder to B, then docker pull B in the image, directly reported HTTP code: 404 2). Docker pull A mirror, and then push […]

Lxc how to set the container ip host ip the same network segment (static ip)?

Lxc set up when the nat network, a variety of normal performance. If you want to set the lxc ip host host with the same network segment (that is, static ip), although the bridge can be created normally, host can also ping bridge, but the container can not ping the bridge, but can not ping […]

The domestic Docker Registry image starts testing

In the CSDN CODE , Tencent cloud , seven cattle cloud storage , Huawei cloud and the United States Mission cloud under the strong support of our domestic developers to build a Docker Registry service to solve the developer can not download the official warehouse problem. At present, the internal test, plans to invite about […]

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