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Is there any way to build your own mirror server?

Such as the title, the recent team in the study docker, from the foreign mirror server pull / push too slow, often failed, take the agent a little better, or slow, there is no way to build their own LAN server directly to the mirror server? Just like building a git server.

Docker in the image How to make multiple tags link to the same id

Docker how many images pointing to the same id is how to achieve? Such as ubuntu this ubuntu saucy 9f676bd305a4 5 weeks ago 178 MB ubuntu 13.10 9f676bd305a4 5 weeks ago 178 MB ubuntu raring eb601b8965b8 5 weeks ago 166.5 MB ubuntu 13.04 eb601b8965b8 5 weeks ago 166.5 MB ubuntu quantal 5ac751e8d623 5 weeks ago […]

How to build a dock in the JAVA Tomcat operating environment, have tried?

The latest learning Docker, would like to build a java tomcat environment, have to know? The more detailed the better, Xianxie the.

Cento under docker how to replace ip paragraph?

In the deployment of docker ubuntu can be replaced when the normal ip, but centos can not be replaced

Windows Virtualbox shared directory to modify the file permissions

Directly on the operation of the picture, simple and clear Why can not I edit file permissions? root@boot2docker:~# mount -t vboxsf home /data -o rw,uid=1000,gid=50,mode=0755 root@boot2docker:~# cd /data/ root@boot2docker:/data# ls -al x -rw-rw-r– 1 docker staff 0 Jul 31 10:29 x root@boot2docker:/data# chmod 777 x root@boot2docker:/data# ls -al x -rw-rw-r– 1 docker staff 0 Jul […]

After the container is deleted, why is the port mapped to the container and is not reclaimed immediately?

When building a new container, map some ports as follows: Docker run -d -p 22 -p 80 ubuntu / usr / sbin / sshd -D The host will automatically map two ports to containers 22 and 80, such as:> 22/tcp,>80/tcp When the container is stopped and deleted, both the 49155 and 49156 host […]

Talking about the docker's entry

I am a business officer, so the development is not very understanding, read the day of the dokcer articles and documents, there are still many doubts, I would like to point to my own point of the docker to ask some questions, hope to be answered, Xianxie you The 1. docker's performance I've learned that […]

How do I limit container memory size?

I have two Linux systems deployed Docker0.8, no way to limit the size of the container memory. Details are as follows: With CentOS6.5 [kernel 3.10.5-3.el6.x86_64] host, the new container, get the results are as follows: # docker run -i -t -d -m 512m centos /bin/bash WARNING: WARNING: Your kernel does not support swap limit capabilities. […]

Openstack using LXC, how to manage containers?

LXC alone in the use of ubuntu, is very easy to manage, through a series of instructions can be lxc. However, the openstack nova compute from kvm to lxc, seems to lose the original management methods. Lxc-list and other series of orders will not be able to identify the openstack startup instance. And openstack itself […]

Docker port

When using the docker port container port port to map the container's port, the system reports the following: * [Root @ DockerServer ~] # docker port e7d817698b6f 80 2014/04/06 16:08:07 Error: No public port '80' published for e7d817698b6f What is the reason why we all know?

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